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A Historical Timeline of Vaping

A Historical Timeline of Vaping
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Every major industry has its own unique historical timeline with inevitable challenges. The historical timeline for the vaping industry began in the early 90s. The industry progressed slowly over the years. This is due to the great exposure and experience acquired in this industry. Majority of people believe the vaping industry began in the late 90s, but this is not the case. Below is an interesting historical timeline that describes how the vaping industry evolved to where it is now.

The Beginning

Initially, the vaping industry started in 1930 with Joseph Robinson. He was the first man to invent the vaping device even though it was not fully functional. Therefore, many people never knew it existed because Joseph never advertised it. In 1963, there was a breakthrough with a fully-functional vaping device from Herbert A. Gilbert. He received recognition for his working vaping device, and acquired a patent to legalize his invention. It came through in 1965. However, he never got the chance to continue his innovation, but this was the beginning of the vaping industries, which led to vape shops in Boston, MA.

1960s - 2000s

From the 1960s to early 2000, many people tried to perfect the vaping industry. People like Phil Ray and Norman Jacobson, who were computer technologists, tried to commercialize the vaping device. The device never gained fame, but the vaping language hit the market. Some industries tried to commercialize the vaping device and eventually, it gave birth to current electronic vaping industries, especially in Boston.

Hon Lik, a renowned pharmacist and inventor, is widely recognized as establishing the first electronic vaping industry in Beijing, China in 2003. Thanks to his ideas, the vaping industries began to trend in Europe as well as the United States of America from 2006 to 2007.



Industry Growth

The introduction of the vaping industry took over the market at a higher speed. However, some countries such as Turkey were against the idea. Some went further to banishing the vaping industries with claims of its health dangers. Some scientific researchers went an extra mile to prove that vaping industries such as vape in Boston, MA, manufactured safer products unlike the normal cigarettes, and therefore, minimal health hazards. In addition, there are e-juices that allow smokers to choose the strength of nicotine.

A 2008 study by the Public Health England claimed that vaping industry products were safe for human consumption. The United States of America has embraced the idea of vaping industries. However, there is strict regulation of how Vape devices from vape Boston, MA, should be used, especially in public places. This made vaping industries gain fame globally. By 2014, Oxford dictionaries named vape as the word of the year.  

By 2016, the FDA published strict rules, which major vaping companies were to follow if they wanted to continue manufacturing. However, there was a major concern from the companies since a huge amount of money was to be invested. This led to some vaping companies closing down. Some of the companies that prevailed were vape shops in Boston, MA.  

Despite all the barriers, vaping industries have achieved a lot. Vape shops in Boston continues to invent more Vape devices to ensure the clients are safe. This trend will continue into the future with more amazing safe Vape devices. Make a purchase of Vape devices from the E-Cig Barn and see how technology has evolved tremendous

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