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An Introduction to Different Types of Vapes

An Introduction to Different Types of Vapes
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There was a time when vapes were designed as if they were cigarette impersonators. However, by appealing to users' ever-changing needs, and with constant advancements in technology, vape manufacturers can make vapes that resemble space ships more than cigarettes. Naturally, this can get confusing for both new and regular users. So what's the best vape device for you? Here's a little primer to assist you the next time you go shopping at your local vape shop in Boston.

Vape Mods

Known both for its firepower and its customizable features, vape mods are among the most popular types of vapes on the market. The reason mods were invented in the first place was to produce a more powerful vaping experience, complete with thick puffy clouds. There are essentially two types of mods: regulated, and unregulated. Regulated mods come installed with a circuit board which provides safety features, and allows the user to adjust their mod's voltage, wattage, and temperature control. Unregulated mods have no circuitry whatsoever, making the vape vulnerable to all sorts of malfunctions. While experienced vapers can create ungodly clouds with their customized, unregulated mods, they are not recommended for anyone but diehard enthusiasts.

Pod Devices 

Larger than their cig-a-like predecessors, pod devices are usually smaller and more streamlined than mods. Don't let their size fool you, however, as modern vape pod devices incorporate many of the same safety and design features as mods. While there's an enormous variety of vape pens on the market, these are user-friendly devices that are easy to carry with you everywhere, and provide both excellent flavor and cloud production.


The first types of vapes are known as cig-a-likes because they resemble cigarettes. They're inexpensive, and come in both disposable and refillable versions, but offer nothing in the way of ease and convenience that vape pens provide.

Whether you prefer cig-a-likes, vape pens, regulated or unregulated vape mods, you're sure to find what you need at your vape shop in Boston, MA.


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