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Choosing Your Next E-liquid

Choosing Your Next E-liquid
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Regardless of why you vape or whether you get your liquid from a vape shop in Boston, online, or at some other establishment, picking your next liquid can be a tricky prospect. While some samples exist, it's often hard to get the right mix of flavor, nicotine, and impact without first making a purchase and trying a liquid out to see if you like it. If you do, great, but if not, you're stuck with that liquid. Here is how to avoid that to the greatest extent possible.

Flavor Options

The easiest way to figure out a new flavor is to first try and find someone who uses it already. Even if the brand is not identical to what you will purchase from the vape shop in Boston, MA, it will be close enough to see if you find it worth a try or something that does not meet your tastes in any capacity. Another strategy is to look for the aforementioned samples; these are available online from many different vape juice vendors, although almost all of them charge a nominal price. Make sure, though, that you select a vaping liquid that is available to the type of vaping device you use.

Nicotine Options

The amount of nicotine you want in your vape juice depends on where you are in your vaping journey. If you're still at the higher end of the nicotine scale, you may want to look at reducing it slightly, to take the edge off, but being the draw down process. If you want the vape you get from the vape shop in Boston, MA, to have as much of a nicotine kick as you're used to getting, order the same solution.


The best way to assess how much juice you will need from the vape shop in Boston, MA, is to measure your usage over the course of a bottle of the last month or two. If you use a bottle every week and a half and want to buy a month’s supply, you know you need four bottles to cover the entire month and have a little extra.

Choosing your next vape liquid from a vape shop in Boston takes a little bit of thought to make sure you get what you want. This formula will ensure that just about every time.


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