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Common Myths about E-Cigarettes

Common Myths about E-Cigarettes
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Electronic cigarettes Boston, MA, are fast replacing traditional tobacco methods. As the number of E-cig users rises, so has the variety of products available and the myths surrounding them. To help separate fact from fiction, we’ve debunked the most prevalent myths about e-cigarettes for you below.

E-cigarettes are more addictive than traditional methods.

There is no substantial evidence to suggest that the rate of addiction to e-cigarettes is stronger than that of traditional methods. 

The mist electronic cigarettes expels is actually water vapor. 

Vaping E-cigs causes illness or diseases.

There is not enough evidence to suggest that vaping can cause harmful illnesses.

E-Cigarettes are a fire hazard.

Most e-cigarettes contain lithium ion batteries, which can combust under the right circumstances. However, this is typically caused by user error. There is no evidence indicating that e-cigs are prone to explode on their own. In fact, the U.S. Fire Administration recently stated that with consideration to the number of e-cigs on the market, product failure rates are low. To prevent your e-cig from exploding, be sure to use your device according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

They're made with harmful anti-freeze.

E-cigarette liquid contains a chemical compound called propylene glycol. While propylene glycol is also an active agent found in anti-freeze, it has been deemed non-toxic and safe to ingest by the FDA.

E-cigs are marketed to attract kids.

In most cases, e-cigs are packaged and sold under the same restrictions as other tobacco products. For example, you must be at least 18 years old to purchase e-cigarette liquid in Boston. Massachusetts state law also requires that e-cig liquid must be sold in a child-resistant package.

They're nicotine-free.

Most e-cigs contain nicotine. However, unlike with traditional methods, e-cigs allow you the ability to control the amount of nicotine you take in.


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