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E-Cigarette Flavors You Should Try

E-Cigarette Flavors You Should Try
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One of the best parts of e-cigarettes is the multitude of flavors available. While some people definitely enjoy classic tobacco flavors, there's a huge variety of e-juices to sample. Below, you'll find a few favorites that you should be sure to try.

Black Mamba

Are you a cocktail lover? This e-liquid is inspired by cocktails, and it's obvious once you take the first drag. With hints of citrus, the flavor profile is highlighted by blackberry and cranberry. If you want something tart, tasty, and packing a punch, Black Mamba is something you should add to your menu.

Frozen Lime Drop

Also inspired by cocktails, this is a little sour, a little sweet, and offers a tartness that could get your lips puckering. It's a wonderful combination, and the coolness is delivered by a refreshing hint of menthol. If you're a bit adventurous, this could be a great one for you to try.

Rip Tide

Do you want to take a vacation while you're still at home? Rip Tide could take you on a great ride. With a signature blend of blue raspberry and strawberry, this is a great, satisfying e-juice for any fruit-flavor lovers out there. With the chilled touch of menthol, it delivers a crisp bite with a smoothness that's sure to satisfy.


For those that have recently made the switch from tobacco to vaping, this could be a great introduction to what e-liquids can bring to the experience. Swagger is a smooth, tobacco-based flavor, but it also offers sweetness. Some find that it tastes a bit like cake, but it also gives you the smokiness of tobacco.

Peach Green Tea

Do you want something relaxing? Do you hate getting hit over the head with the fruitiness that other e-juices give you, but you still want something sweet to enjoy? Peach Green Tea may be the perfect fit for you. After a long workday, Peach Green Tea hits the spot with a touch of peach, the refreshing taste of tea, and a silky aroma that goes down easily.

Whenever you vape in Boston, MA, be sure to remember these flavors. They all delivery a topnotch vaping experience, and any of them could become your new favorite e-juice.


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