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Must Have Vaping Accessories

Must Have Vaping Accessories
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Whether you’re new to vaping or a seasoned mod maker, there are several accessories that everyone needs in their vape kit, and you’ll find them all at your local vape shop in Providence, RI. Keep reading to learn more from the experts at E-Cig Barn.

Precision Tools

As you become more familiar with vaping, use precision tools like screwdrivers and Dremel to customize your device and your vaping experience. A small, battery-operated hand drill should be powerful enough to tackle your next modification project as well as regular cleaning.

Find Building tools here.


A Dremel and set of soft-bristle cleaning brushes will make cleaning your device a breeze. Device cleaning oils are designed to protect the outside of your device from everyday wear and grime buildup. After polishing your device, remove excess oils with a microfiber cloth. Use a tabletop work mat to keep your parts and tools from rolling off the table while you’re working.


When traveling or storing your device for long periods of time, invest in a protective case. Hard cases with interior padding will protect your equipment and your accessories from the elements as well as accidental drops.


Whether you’re out with friends, on the job, or on the road, extra vape batteries will give you peace of mind. The lifespan of your battery will vary depending on your device and how often you use it. Vape pen batteries usually last between 150-250 puffs while larger devices can go up to 350 puffs before they need recharging. When you don’t have access to a charger or an outlet, an extra battery will help you keep vaping.  

Find batteries and chargers here.


Grinders are essential for vapers who like whole herb products. Plastic grinders are not as expensive as metal grinders, but metal grinders are usually more durable and produce a finer grind.


Try the herbivore grinder here.

Complete your vape kit and enhance your vape game with these accessories from your favorite vape shop in Providence, RI.


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