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Recommended Voodoo E-Liquid Flavors

Recommended Voodoo E-Liquid Flavors
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If you like vaping, you’re always on the lookout for the latest e-juice flavors. Sure, there’s going to be your go-to flavor, but how do you know if there’s something else out that you’ll really love unless you stretch out a bit and explore new juices? If you haven’t tried Voodoo e-Liquids yet, then you’re in for a treat. Here are some of the e-juices they have to offer that’ll give you some motivation to take a trip to the vape shop.




Don’t be fooled by the name. They’re not trying to shame you into holding onto your scruples. They will, however, impress you with a unique blend of lychee, peach, and floral notes that is at once exotic and refreshing. While the peach provides a sweetness to the draw, the lychee offers a tartness that counterbalances it so it’s not overwhelming. They’ve also included a “surprise” ingredient that they’re keeping under wraps, so it’s up to you to figure out what that is.


“Hawberry” is Voodoo code for “fresh strawberries,” and boy, is it good! A sweet, refreshing strawberry flavor hits you right up front on the inhale. On the exhale, there’s no unnecessary candy quality to throw you off. The effect is a pure strawberry flavor without anything that seems artificial. Some users even claim they can taste the seeds (without getting them stuck in your teeth!); that’s how real this e-juice is. Throw in some sponge cake and whipped cream, and you can vape the rest for your own strawberry (or Hawberry) shortcake.

Lennon’s Revenge

Another variation on Voodoo’s “strawberry” theme, Lennon’s Revenge is their take on a yummy bowl of strawberry cereal. Without much in the way of any milk flavoring, this e-liquid is like a strawberry cereal all on its own. Ever have one of those urges where you just open up a box of cereal and dig in without bothering with the milk? It’s like that. And just like with cereal, the flavor of Lennon’s Revenge can be addictive.


In honor of the great Shaggy from Scooby-Doo, Zoinks! is your own Scooby Snack for the soul. An eclectic blend of cream-filled sponge cake, raspberry puree, and shredded coconut, Zoinks! is a throwback to the classic Dolly Madison Zingers from back in the day. While there’s a lot going on with this e-liquid, amazingly, it all works! You can taste all the individual flavors on the inhale and exhale, so it really is like you’re eating your own Zinger dessert while consuming zero calories. While it’s a sweet flavor that might not be to everyone’s tastes, it’s complex enough that the vaping never gets old.

Voodoo Vapes offer a ton of fruity variety to satisfy even the most discerning vape enthusiast. The only way to know which ones are your favorites is by visiting E-Cig Barn — your vape shop in Providence, RI — and trying them out. Drop by the store or visit our website at, and stock up on Voodoo Vape e-liquids today!


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