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Switching E-Juice without Affecting the Taste

Switching E-Juice without Affecting the Taste
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Flavor is one of the many perks of vaping. Visit a good vape shop in Boston, MA, and you'll see a wide selection of flavors that you can enjoy with your e-cigarette, like mint and vanilla, or even more adventurous flavors that may surprise you.

But there's a common challenge that many people encounter when they're new to vaping. Sometimes, flavors don't seem to come out right. Something may be wrong with the e-juice itself, right? Actually the user is usually to blame. 

Here is some helpful information for those who vape about protecting the flavor of their vape juice when they switch between products.

Weird Flavorings

Sometimes, you might taste something unusual when you switch vape juices. You might even get traces of the last juice that you used in your vape pen or other e-cig product. While that may not sound like a big deal, mixing some flavors, like mint and cotton candy, can produce some unappealing results. 

There are a number of causes that could be to blame, like a bad coil or improper filling of the e-cig tank. The other, less likely possibility is that you've chosen a vape flavor that just isn't right for you. But if you've paid a pretty penny for grade-A vape juice, you shouldn't have to get disappointing results.

Whatever the cause may be, don't just suffer through unusual flavors. Instead, here's what you can do about it.

Easy Solutions

If you use more than one tank, switching them out with each new flavor, or purchase e-cigs with a dripping atomizer, you can avoid the problem of flavor mixing. The former is good for those who like to stock up on a wide variety of different flavors. The latter is particularly good for keeping your vape pen clean and preventing unusual side effects when you switch e-juices.

You could even buy flavorless juice and run your e-cig to rinse out the machine. But if you aren't interested in paying for these extra products, then try the following care solutions.


Refilling the Right Way

Clean your vape tank to ensure you get good flavor when you switch juices. This eliminates remnants of the former vape juice that may be lingering inside.

Unscrew the tank from the e-cigarette, taking care of the battery and coil. Then, pour the liquid out. If you notice any residue, you need to clean this out. This can interfere with the flavor of your next vape juice of choice.

Rinse the tank with warm water several times. If you want, you can use a little bit of liquid soap, but make sure you rinse it out completely, otherwise you'll taste soap when you use your next e-juice.

You can then wipe the tank out with a dish towel and let it dry. Make sure to get out all of the water that could dilute the flavor of your next e-juice.

Cleaning the Coil

You then need to clean the coil, which can accidentally trap messes. Always clean out the coil when you want to refill your e-cig's tank. Rinse the coil with warm water, but don't use any soap. Dry it with a towel and let it dry. It must be dry or you won't be able to use your e-cigarette. 

You can then re-assemble the cigarette and fill up the tank with new e-juice. 

You can avoid all this trouble and switch between delicious e-juice flavors quickly if you stock up on good supplies, like RDA cigs. Visit a good vape shop in Boston, MA, like E-Cig Barn, for more tips and for a wide variety of enjoyable flavors.



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