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The difference between Regulated and Unregulated Mods

The difference between Regulated and Unregulated Mods
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If you're a newcomer to vaping, you probably have seen or heard about regulated and unregulated mods and what is the difference between them. While the differences are clear and simple, how each one can enhance a vaping experience is open to debate. The next time you are visiting a vape shop in Boston, however, while you may not understand which type of mod is superior, at least you will know what each one does.

Regulated Mods

This is the most common type of mod and just about every experience vaping in Boston, MA, starts out with some iteration of one. A regulated mod possesses a circuit board to regulate current, which provides a controlled vaping experience in terms of intensity of the vapor and how much liquid can be transferred into a vape mist. Just about all e-cigarettes, most vape pens and box mods are regulated. By definition, any vaping device that has a variable voltage or wattage setting is considered regulated as well.

The Benefits of Regulated Mods

A full rendition of benefits from regulated mods is up for debate, but there are certain things everyone agrees you get when you use a regulated mod to vape in Boston, MA.

First, it possesses increased safety since the voltage is regulated, which keeps temperatures of the mod in check. It is also easy to use, at most requiring a push of a button while you inhale and easy to charge as most come with some sort of charging port. Many also have a passthrough function that allows vaping as the mod is charging.

Another benefit includes a smaller initial investment, which is important if you are just getting started and trying out a lot of vaping products. Most regulated mods also have some sort of light display that lets the user know when the mod is in use, being charged, fully charged or that the battery is running low.

Unregulated Mods

These do not have a circuit board that regulates power. Examples of this type of mod are Mechanical, Series and Parallel Box mods as well as semi-mechanical mods.

The Benefits of Regulated Mods

One benefit of unregulated mods includes increased voltage and wattage output, which yields lower ohm coil use. They also are highly customizable because of their simple design. Unregulated mods are also able to be upgraded by buying more powerful batteries.

Whether you prefer regulated or unregulated mods, you can find your preference in any vape shop in Boston. Depending on what you are looking for, the prices will vary. So, will the opinions among vapers as to what mod is better. Visit Ecig Barn in Boston at one of our 4 locations or shop online.



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