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This January, Bill S.1279 was referred to the Committee of Public Health in the state of Massachusetts. The bill is supported by anti-vaping advocates who wish to make flavored tobacco products a thing of the past. Their goal is to ensure young teens aren’t encouraged to start vaping, but unfortunately, the bill will ultimately do more harm than good. Many cigarette smokers have turned to electronic cigarettes to help curb their addiction, and this bill could be detrimental to them.


Though anti-vaping activists like to believe that flavored vape juices are created for the sole purpose of enticing teens to vape, they help countless individuals transition away from cigarettes. While Bill S.1279 would greatly disrupt the e-cigarette industry on its own, lawmakers have gone a step further. They’ve recently proposed a 75% wholesale excise tax for e-cigarette products. This would skyrocket the prices of smoke-free products, and would surely lead to people opting for less expensive cigarettes. At E-Cig Barn, we’re doing our part in letting lawmakers know how devastating this legislation would be. We agree that teens shouldn’t be vaping, but the proposed bill and excise tax would not properly address the problem. Whether you’re in favor of the flavor ban or just hoping to learn more, read on to understand why this legislation ought to be rejected.

Vaping Helps People Quit Smoking

Many people believe that all e-cigarette products contain high levels of nicotine. In reality, e-cig products vary tremendously in terms of their nicotine levels, and most contain far lower amounts of nicotine than traditional cigarettes. E-Cig Barn is dedicated to helping adults wean off of nicotine so that they can eventually quit for good. It’s hard for anyone to go cold turkey when quitting something, so providing a person with a transitional product that helps them move toward quitting gradually is incredibly powerful. We’ve had countless customers vaping in Boston end their VIP memberships with us because they no longer feel the urge to smoke or vape. Our team takes pride in helping others quit, and is always happy when our customers decide they no longer need nicotine on a regular basis. If the flavor ban were to go into effect, in addition to the 75% excise tax, many smokers would continue to smoke cigarettes instead of trying to quit.


Teens and Vaping

The main reason lawmakers are proposing the flavor ban is to minimize the number of kids who are interested in vaping because of the fun flavors. However, the real issue is calling on e-cigarette vendors to properly ID their customers and ensure they’re not selling to anyone under 21. Adults shouldn’t lose out on all the flavor options because certain vendors are selling to people they shouldn’t be. At E-Cig Barn, we hired a company, We Card, to ensure our employees were adequately carding customers. They visited almost all of our stores, and found that our employees were never selling to customers without first checking their ID. Instead of focusing on banning flavors that may entice teens, lawmakers should ensure vendors are always checking their customers’ IDs.

If you want to help us in our fight against the war on vaping in Massachusetts, contact E-Cig Barn today. Your support can make all the difference in encouraging lawmakers to reject the proposed legislation!


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