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Things to Know before Going to a Vape Shop

Things to Know before Going to a Vape Shop
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Whether you are a veteran vaper or new to vaping, there are certain things you should know before you set foot in a vape shop in Providence, RI, or anywhere else for that matter. Vaping is not complicated, but there are a few basics that will help you make the most effective and appropriate purchase. The following are a few things to find out before you visit a vape store.

How Long Have They Been in Business?

The industry is new, but there have been literally thousands of small, brick-and-mortar and online vape shops that have opened, only to close for a bunch of different reasons. Make sure you research the establishment you want to frequent if for no other reason than you want to select a place that will be around for a while. An additional benefit to longevity is that, because the vaping market is so competitive, a store that lasts likely offers great products and prices and superior customer service.

How Does My Vape Product Work?

If you are new to vaping, you probably are really lost. The easy answer is a battery charges a coil, which is soaked in vape juice producing vapor, which you inhale. The longer answer depends on your exact product--the type of device, tank size, type of coil, vape juice, etc. Regardless, it is important to know the type of product you have and how it works to be able to make intelligent purchases when you visit a vape shop Providence, RI. E-Cig Barn has knowledgeable staff at each location that can help educate you about the vape product you have purchased.

What Type of Vape Juice Is Best for Me?

This depends on why you are vaping. Much of your decision will be dictated by whether you want a nicotine product and, if so, at what content level. You also should know the “flavor” of the vape juice you prefer. This makes it easier to find something you like and, if you are interested in trying different brands, you have a starting point. E-Cig Barn has a wide selection of vape juices from Naked, Dinner Lady, Salt Bae and more. They also have their own handcrafted Premium E-liquids called Barn Brew.

How Much Should It Cost?

In the Wild West of the vape industry, there are reasonably priced products. Knowing the average cost of a vaping product across the spectrum, including what your product costs in other locales, can help you make informed choices. What you find might surprise you. Vaping shops generally have competitive pricing, but occasionally, you can find bargains or deals simply because you know what your price range is. Don’t hesitate to reach out to E-Cig Barn to get pricing information.

When Should the Coil Be Replaced?

All coils wear out, and knowing when you need to replace yours is vital to ensure your vaping experience is as rewarding as possible. Before you shop, you need to know the type of coil you have and what the telltale signs it needs to be replaced are.

What Type of Tank Do You Have?

There are multiple types of tanks to choose from, and while they all function in basically the same way, you do have a few choices to make. First is whether you want to use a tank that is pre-filled with vape juice or whether you want to be able to fill your own. Next is the size of the tank. After that, vape tanks are pretty much all the same.

Before you visit a vape shop, make sure you know the answers to these questions. Even if you don’t know the answers E-Cig Barn near Providence, RI is happy to assist you. Stop by one of our 4 locations: Abington, Fall River, Raynham or West Bridgewater.  



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