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Tips about Travelling with Vape Devices

Tips about Travelling with Vape Devices
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The season of holiday travel is approaching, and for some people, that leaves a serious question: what should you do about your vape devices? If you found a quality e-cigarettes at vape shops in Providence, RI, you probably want to avoid having them confiscated. But you probably don't want to travel without it.

Thankfully, you can travel with your vape devices after all. You just need to be careful. 

Here are some quick tips for travelling with a vape device.

  • If you're travelling to another country, do your research. Some countries, like Thailand and Brazil, are strictly anti-vaping, so you can't enter that country with a vape device. Every nation has its own rules. Some will even temporarily imprison those who travel with a vape pen.
  • If you're travelling by car, you can easily take your vape devices with you. However, if you cross a border, you may be searched, and people who aren't familiar with vape pens may associate them with illegal drugs and confiscate them.
  • Your battery is a great concern. If you're flying, you may have to put the battery in your checked bag and wait to enjoy your vape pen. If you use a wax pen, take it apart before packing it.
  • All liquids over 100 ml in volume are banned from airplanes. This includes your e-juice. You may consider finding a vape store at your destination to stock up on e-juice, instead of risking having it confiscated. 
  • RDAs and RDTAs should be left at home. Their building equipment looks like explosive materials, and you can get into some serious trouble with those not familiar with RDA and RDTA vaping equipment.
  • Research if the place you're visiting has vape shops so you can replenish supplies. If there is one, shop in small quantities, so you don't have to throw anything away before the return trip.
  • Finally, try to respect your surroundings. Understand that some places, even in the U.S., don't allow vaping in public, so you may have to enjoy your vape pen at home. If vaping is allowed in destination, visit a vape shop in Providence, RI, like E-Cig Barn, for a wide selection of products to stock up on before your next vacation. 


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