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Top Vape Trends of 2018

Top Vape Trends of 2018
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Vaping has continued to grow as a cultural phenomenon since its modern introduction in 2003. As the time approaches the year's halfway point, it's important to recognize the trends in vaping that have already dominated 2018. The following are some of the top vape trends of this year.

Cutting Edge Mods

Mods are a relatively recent innovation to e-cigarettes and their ability to customize the experience has been largely responsible for the popular rise of vaping. As time passes, more innovations in 2018 have contributed to better mods that have proven more durable and efficient. Another trend in this innovation is wider compatibility. This comes out of the vast array of vape that has grown and is still growing today.

Higher Efficiency

One area of improvement from above that has been prioritized so heavily as to become its own trend is efficiency. The primary function of the e-cigarette is to vaporize, so the main factor that's improving with innovation is the efficiency at which the e-cigarette can vaporize. As a result, the buying trend has moved farther into the higher end of the market with people investing in more efficient products.

Authentic Food Flavors

One reason that many people love to vape is how smooth the experience is. The primary contributing factor to this experience is the vape liquid flavoring. This trend has shown that the flavors that provide the smoothest experience are food flavors, especially those of fruit. 

Higher VG Content

Vegetable glycerin (or VG) is the component of vape e-liquid responsible for properly distributing the flavoring and nicotine throughout the solution in order to better prepare it to be vaporized. Compared to other substances, VG contributes to a thicker cloud. As more and more people enjoy clouds and vape tricks, the popularity of vape juices with higher VG contents rises. Such vape juices with a VG content of around 70% have dominated this trend.

Vaping shows no signs of decline, as shown in the above trends. Being somewhat of a cultural staple that it is, vaping is a dynamic world. Thus, it is important to take the above information with you at your next visit to a vape shop in Providence, RI, and keep yourself up to date when it comes to vaping.


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