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Vape Shops-Best Vape Juice 2018

Vape Shops-Best Vape Juice 2018
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Even if you have a vape juice that you really love, there's no reason not to try other kinds. E-juice producers are constantly upping their game with new flavors and new styles, so the next time you visit your vape store in Providence, RI, you should check out these amazing new varieties.

Black Note Tobacco E-Juice

If you like the rich flavor that only real tobacco can provide, then treat yourself to Black Note E-Liquid. Whereas most manufacturers of tobacco flavored vape juice try to imitate the flavor of popular brands (with varying results), Black Note draws from genuine tobacco plants throughout the world, delivering a flavor all its own.

Halo Menthol E-Liquid

For menthol enthusiasts, Halo offers a nuanced style incorporating earthy and sweet undertones to support its cool and refreshing menthol flavor. As one of the first American vapor brands, Halo is known to carefully craft their e-liquids with patience and expertise, and have an assortment of six excellent menthol flavors to choose from.

Cosmic Fog Fruits

Most popular among all vapers is fruit-flavored vape juice. Just because they're popular, however, doesn't mean they're any good. Cosmic Fog cuts through the simplistic and overly sweet competition by delivering fruit vapes that are complex and never cloying. Their "The Shocker" tropical medley, "Kryptonite" melon e-juice, and "Sonrise" Hawaiian fruits all have an authentic flavor that is hard to match anywhere.

Halo Dessert Flavors

Halo has dozens of flavors of spectacular gourmet desserts that make them the best in the business. Their flavors of Belgian chocolate, doughnuts, apple turnover, and dozens more are so rich, they might put you off the real thing.


A special mention must go out to MYLK. A designer of dozens of great flavors with a cream base, MYLK, is suited to vapers who are adventurous, and ready to step out from traditional classifications of vape juice in order to try something truly different.

Cosmic Fog Vapors

When it comes to authentic and dynamically flavored e-juice, this Orange County, CA, manufacturer is at the top of everyone's list. Cosmic Fog has dozens of different flavors available in several nicotine levels, ensuring that the dedicated enthusiast will never become bored.

When you're ready to try something different among the new varieties of e-juice,  pick up a few of these fine products at your local vape shop in Providence, RI.


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