How to Choose Your First Vape Kit

How to Choose Your First Vape Kit

Have you considered vaping? Here are a few points to keep in mind when shopping for your first vape kit. 

Go to the Experts First

First and foremost, you want to go to an actual vape store or online vape store for your first purchase. It is much easier to ask questions and narrow down your search when you’re dealing with vape experts instead of a random gas station attendee or a cashier at a drug store. You’ll have multiple kits to choose from and you can gain a better understanding of all the components included in the device. They can help you find a kit that fits you and your lifestyle. 

Reusable Instead of Disposable 

Buying from a vape store is much better because you can buy reusable batteries, atomizers, and you can replace the coils at a lower price. Vape pens or kits sold in gas stations, markets, or drug stores are mostly disposable, putting you in a position of buying the entire kit multiple times. It’s better for your pockets and it produces less waste. 

Level of Nicotine

It’s very important to consider the level of nicotine you want in your liquid. No matter your preference, talking to the local expert at your vape shop in Boston, MA, about different nicotine levels is important when starting to vape for the first time. 


Start with a Regulated or Mechanical Mod

Add Coils and Batteries!

Add some Premium E-liquid

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