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Blunt Ugly Mini Glass Blunt

Blunt Ugly Mini Glass Blunt
$ 19.99

The all new Blunt Ugly Mini Twisty is a new creation from the Mig Skunk Works division. Made with the finest materials, complete with extra glass tube, caps and cleaning brush. Discrete smoke. Made with 100% Pure Love


About the Blunt Ugly Mini Twisty 

At Mig Vapor sometimes we will take a device and make it better. Thats is exactly what we have done here. Many devices like our Blunt ugly are in the market. Why choose Mig Vapor? We have seen first hand how many devices in the market may be comprised of low quality or even mixed metals. The Mig Vapor Blunt Ugly is made of glass n  Brass. This Screw is fired with extreme heat and rendered pure through a complex superheating and firing of this piece.

 The Glass is a special german pyrex ype glass designed to endure extreme heat.

 Rest assured your buying the best with mig vapor.



One complete Blunt including stopper cap.

One extra tube with extra stopper caps.

One cleaning Brush.

 One Gift Box.




  • Total Combustion
  • Discrete design
  • Large  Chamber
  • Solid Brass
  • German Pyrex Composite Glass

If you are looking for the ease of rolling without any of the hassle, look no further than glass blunts. Rolling your own blunt takes practice, skill, an acceptance of sticky fingers, and maybe some lost product along the way. There is definitely an art to rolling. But, if you don’t have the time to master the finesse of blunt rolling, you can still enjoy your herb with a no-hassle twisty glass blunt pipe. These devices have been around for a few years now, and we couldn’t wait to put our own unique spin on them! Check out the product and what makes them a favorite among users below.


How Does a Glass Blunt Work?

The first thing most people notice about glass blunts is their twisted inner piece. This piece makes loading and ashing a breeze as users rotate it one way to load their product and rotate it the reverse way to ash as they go or at the end of their session. Glass blunts require loosely packed product for sufficient airflow, but the user can add as little or as much as they would like with the way it is designed. After the product is loaded, all the user needs to do is light the end and inhale through the mouthpiece. Simple smoking at its finest.


What are the Benefits of a Glass Blunt?

Not only are glass blunts easier to use than rolling paper, but they are more environmentally friendly as well. Reusable glass means no paper waste, and you get to enjoy all of the product without any leftovers.


If lighting product isn’t your thing, you can vaporize with this device instead. All you have to do is heat the underside of the blunt, instead of the product, until vapor is produced inside of the device. We recommend moving the flame back and forth in small sections until you have extracted an adequate amount of vapor to inhale. Do this around all sides of the blunt to fully vaporize your product. Not only will you enjoy a healthier form of smoking using this method, but the purity of the brass and glass materials ensure a healthier session overall compared to other similar devices. With its vaping capabilities, it’s like having two devices in one!


Cleaning a Glass Blunt

To prevent the twist action from sticking, regular cleaning is a must. Resin from your product may build-up in your device over time, rendering it inoperable at best and at risk for cracking at worst. Fortunately, cleaning your glass blunt is simple. First, disassemble the device. Next, soak the pieces in a bag of isopropyl alcohol for at least 30 minutes, more depending on the level of dirtiness. With the cleaning tool included in the kit, scrub any areas that need extra scrubbing. Completely rinse each piece until you are sure no isopropyl alcohol is remaining. Let the pieces dry before reassembly. In case any accidents occur while cleaning, we have included an extra replacement glass tube for your convenience. In hardly any time at all, your device is ready for another session!



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